2 thoughts on “Women Poets of the Italian Renaissance

  1. Paid particular attention to the works of Vittoria Colonna, Veronica Gambara, Gaspara Stampa, Tullia d’Aragona and Veronica Franco. It would have been a four, but the works are footnoted and arranged in a particular way that in my opinion leads the reader into thinking these writters trajectories followed that of Petrarch’s (who’s own trajectory is very much under debate.)

    Take for exampe the works of Colonna. It is my contention that she uses the word “sun” to mean both God and in reference to

  2. The poetesses included in this collection are the original kick-butt chicks! They really knew how to declare their independence, make their opinions known, and a few were even renowned for these bold works. It’s a shame that nearly all of them were almost forgotten after their passings, but thank goodness these authors dug up these gems of poems, the histories of their colorful authors, and put them all together into one volume. It gives us a window into a rare instance of so many women in one s

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