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  1. I’m giving this book four stars instead of five because I wish the chapters had been longer and because I almost didn’t read the book after trying to get through the introduction, which struck me as a bit feminazi; so if you can get through the first 17 pages of why men react the way they do to the empowerment of women, it’s great reading (although, she did offer a couple of interesting insights into why “Thelma and Louise” made so many people nervous).

    I am a fan of true crime and I am especiall

  2. Tampa x American Psycho (feat. incest and BDSM) #RvBrown
    So it’s a bit awkward that I read this on someone’s recommendation. *makes wrist-slitting motion*
    ‘Ooh but Eunice, you’re usually SO GOOD at finding sicko books like this on your own accord,’ I hear you say. ‘But this sounds like it’s right up your alley.’
    yeahhh … Shut it. haha

    This was definitely an interesting read. In the first couple of case examples, I felt like the defendant wasn’t really a female sex offender. Her behaviour could be

  3. “The female equivalent of having an erection is being vaginally lubricated but a man can’t use the female equivalent excuse against a rape charge by saying, ‘Yes your Honour, she did say no, but she was lubricated, so obviously she wanted it and therefore it isn’t rape.'” (pg 198)

    I was intrigued by the title of this book because one seldom pictures women when thinking about molesters, rapists and sex offenders. When I initially started reading, I was a little disappointed in the writing style –

  4. Absolutely ridiculous book – one of the few I’ve ever put down to stop reading. The narration of the cases is completely biased and sentimental, mixes fact and fiction without distinguishing between them clearly and superimposes a faux feminist narrative that is pretty offensive, without bothering to look at the actual women’s motives.
    Probably because the book was too preoccupied with trying to explain how physically attractive women can commit criminal offences, which really seems mind-blowing

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