5 thoughts on “Women of the Underground

  1. After reading Zora von Burden’s newest book, `Women of the Underground: Music”, I was struck by a few unavoidable facts, such as:

    1. My music knowledge is not nearly as comprehensive as I had liked to imagine.
    2. There is a regrettably huge dearth of books focusing on women artists, especially avant-garde and/or groundbreaking women artists.
    3. Ms. Burden had access to some truly legendary artists, not just women artists, but artists in general.

    Allow me to elucidate that last point. This is a rare

  2. Super-cool, actually. Interviews with obscure, semi-obscure, and kinda-well-known female musicians. Included are (excuse my terrible name-recall) the chick from White Zombie, the girl from the Butthole Surfers, the lady from Southern Culture on the Skids, a whole bunch of performance artists from NY and Cali, Nina Hagen (whoa, she is crazy), and a whole bunch more that I am mad I forgot.

  3. This book could have been a wild read. It’s more of a verbal history from the artists point of view. So detached, all the personality is stripped from the interviews.

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