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  1. الكوميديا في الكتاب + اختلاف العادات عنا جعلته مملا وغير مفيد بالنسبه لنا في نظري، عادة اتصفح الكتب قبل ما اشتريها وهذا الكتاب تصفحته بس ما اعرف كيف اشتريته؟ بديت اقراه بجديه بس لما وصلت للنص صرت اتصفحه بسرعه واشوف العناوين اللي تهمني

  2. Some combination of the cover and the title made this book leap out at me from where it was nestled upon the shelf. I picked it up and proceeded to ignore my friends in favour of reading the first 100 pages or so.

    Written by two comedy writers who just so happen to be a couple, this book made me laugh out loud. In the bookstore. (Come to think of it, maybe it was my friends who ignored me…)

    Will this book solve all–or any–problems between a couple? No. It assumes both people in the relationshi

  3. Not nearly as funny as it should be, given that the authors both write sitcoms for their day jobs. The title pretty much sums up the thrust of the book, wherein Howard by and large acknowledges that women act the way they do because men drive them to it (um, duh), then advocates mutual understanding as a path to eternal bliss (um, double duh). One wonders how men might feel about Howard claiming fault on behalf of the entire gender, but since men rarely read this kind of relationship self help

  4. Read this book in a single night while lying in bed. It’s so funny…I love the relationship between the two authors (who are a couple). I truly related to this book in a big way…it made me feel like I’m not the only one going through the same stuff in relationships. The best part though was that they didn’t suggest any major changes be made by men or women just that they try to learn to understand each other, listen to each other and care for each others’ needs as much as possible.

  5. Okay, I’m biased because I wrote it. Actually, co-wrote it with my crazy partner in crime and in life, Jenny Lee. But you’re going to love it. The New York Times loved it. But I’m more interested in hearing from you. Do you agree at least with one of these statements? I’m dying to hear what you think. And I’ll answer any questions at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you!

    Howard J. Morris

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