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  1. Audience: As young as second grade if your kids are gutsy. If not, maybe fourth grade. A few of the books (especially Valley of Death and Over the Edge) are pretty scary. I still have an irrational fear of flash floods from Over the Edge ha ha. But the good news is that there is no sexual content or foul language (as far as I remember).

    Plot: Jack and Ashley Landon travel to various national parks with their veterinarian mother and wildlife photographer father. Each book features a new national p

  2. Wolf Stalker is the first in the National Parks Mystery series published by the National Geographic Society.

    Book #1 follows Jack and Ashley Landon on an adventure in Yellowstone National Park, where their parents are working. Another boy, Troy Haverson, joins with the Landon family as the kids work together to sort out the source of a problem in the park. Wolves are getting hurt and a local news story breaks out about a rancher whose dog is killed by the wolves on the reservation. Bad publicity

  3. I decided to read one last book in this series before putting it down altogether. This book takes place in Yellowstone National Park and this time the Landon family is investigating the death of a rancher’s dog. The rancher claims the dog was killed by one of the recently reintroduced wolves in Yellowstone Park. While the parents are investigating the remains of the dog their children, Jack and Ashley, along with their foster child Troy, end up lost in the woods and protecting an injured wolf th

  4. Wolf Stalker: A Mystery in Yellowstone National Park is a fictionalized novel which deals with our nation’s resources, their conservation, and most importantly with The Wolf Preservation Project that was begun in Wyoming. The Landon family, parents Steven and Olivia (who is a wildlife veterinarian) and kids Ashley and Jack travel together to try to solve the mystery of the apparent endangerment of the wolves in park. These wolves were re-introduced into their natural habitat and many citizens ar

  5. This book was better than I thought it would be.

    I’d been browsing the gift shop of the visitor center of Zion National Park when I was on vacation and came across an entire shelf of these children’s mystery books where each book is set in one of the National Parks. I felt that was a bit of a weird premise, but I remembered devouring mystery books when I was a kid: Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Encyclopedia Brown; I felt, “why not?” and checked book #1 of the series out from the library when I got home

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