4 thoughts on “Winnie’s Flying Carpet.

  1. I don’t usually like Halloween books however, Winnie won me over.

    Winnie is very conscientious and sends out thank you notes for all her birthday presents, a wonderful demonstration on one way to be grateful.

    One particular gift, a flying carpet, has proved to be a disappointment.
    Regardless, Winnie wants to find a way to say thank you for the gift AND to find a purpose for the rather ‘unique’ behaviour of the the flying carpet.

    Light, good natured humour and sweet. An enjoyable read.
    I also enjoyed

  2. A really humorous tale of a wayward flying carpet that could give the carpet in a run for its money! Will Winnie and her cat Wilbur ever manage to get it working properly, or is it destined to become a proper gangsta style waistcoat for Wilbur or perhaps a new pair of shoes for Winnie? And will Winnie ever manage to find something good to write about it in her thank you letter? You’ll just have to read it to find out!

    I can’t comment on the CD as this is a gift and I don’t want to risk damaging

  3. I found that this book had good use of problem solving, and very involved pictures. However, I’m not a huge fan of the illustration style, and I found the plot could have been just a little more involved…..

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