5 thoughts on “Windows on Christmas

  1. Another short book (121 pages, but small pages).

    The author takes a look through a window at the Nativity scene and talks about six characters in the Nativity Story.

    Interesting stories about the characters interwoven with some history and then personal reflections. The modern stories connected to the ancient story makes for a nice devotional during Advent and Christmas.

    I used the background pieces to help tell the stories of the characters in the Nativity for children’s moments during worship in

  2. An easy, short book of devotions for Christmas. The chapters are on the Angels, Mary, the shepherds, Joseph, Simeon and Anna. Combines theology and history nicely. The highlight for me was the chapter on Anna, particularly the part on her name and family.

  3. to look through the different windows on Christmas is the most rewarding and fresh perspective. this book takes you deeper than the Story of Christmas that we hear year after year. i definitely recommend this book.

  4. I thought it was pretty cool “looking through the Christmas windows” from six different perspectives. I think this will be added to my must reads every year.

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