2 thoughts on “Why Benny Barks (Step into Reading, Step 1, paper)

  1. As a kid, have you ever caught yourself wondering what animals are trying to say when they bark or meow or roar? The main character of this book, a little boy, wonders the same thing as he watches his dog, Benny, bark at pretty much everything. It is set in the point of view of the little boy who wonders whether his dog is trying to communicate using a dog language, or if he is just barking at nothing. It goes inside the mind of a child who questions what his dog is really trying to say, if anyt

  2. This is the story of a child, musing about why his dog barks. Truly, dogs can be a mystery.

    What I enjoyed most about this book was the conversation it inspired.

    “So why do you think Benny barks?” I asked the girls as I closed the book.

    “I think he barks because he’s in love,” one daughter said.


    “That’s why I would bark,” she explained.

    Oh the joys of reading with your children!

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