5 thoughts on “When Wallflowers Die

  1. I love to read books that take my breath away. This was one of them. Fantastic writer..Brought to mind the likes of Melissa Service and her Worthy of Thorns or maybe John Hart with his King of Lies. I picked up this book because of the great title, mindful of the times I’ve been disappointed. All I can say is WOW…This was the third book in the Phoebe Siegel mystery series (1996).I found the first two and am hoping for number four……Prowell’s characters come to life and her descriptions of a

  2. 2.5 stars – Very annoying. Who goes out in such weather conditions and while they are sick? This is early on in the story & I didn’t get any less irritated with Phoebe Siegel as the book continued. Just OK.

  3. This book had a good story line, but some of the characters seemed to not be necessary to the story. I guess this is a series about this P.I. so maybe the author has to throw in some of the characters that were more important in other stories just to continue the thread. Not sure since this is the only one I read. None the less the mystery was well crafted, even though I did figure out the “who” early on, but the “why” was a total surprise.

  4. This was a good book. I really like the author’s voice and narrative style. It turns out that this is the 3rd book featuring the same protagonist and supporting characters. I wish I’d started at the beginning, as I love to watch characters’ lives grow and change over a series, but I’m glad I found this author. I will definitely get her other books and read them ASAP.

    Prowell, Sandra West – 3rd in Phoebe Siegal series

    Investigating the twenty-five-year-old murder of the wife of a gubernatorial candidate, Montana detective Phoebe Siegel finds her life threatened by what she learns and confronts dramatic changes in her personal life.

    Good humor, good suspense and a very good read.

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