3 thoughts on “When Mules Flew on Magnolia Street

  1. Summer time on Magnolia Street is magical for Charlie and her friends in this second book set in the neighborhood. We read of Charlie’s new friend Ashley and their artistic garden, the fruit seller Mr Janks and his donkey Sweet Shirley, Lump and Billy’s exploits at camp, and even Charlie’s new friendship with her older brother, Sid. This book manages to feel both current and very innocent. A good and relatively easy chapter book.

    CIP: In the summertime Charlie goes fishing with friends, investig

  2. Still screening books for my kids. This has all the hallmarks of a book teachers love and the kids just grind through. There wasn’t good flow to the stories and being a mediocre storyteller, for this book, might be stretching it. The attempts at humor, if that is what it was, weren’t humorous.

  3. Well!

    I read the first book and I complained that Charlie never gets along with her brother. This is the sequel and it ends with them being friends and getting along. So I was very pleased.

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