5 thoughts on “When Boston Won The World Series

  1. Bob Ryan’s fascinating history of the first World Series (in it’s modern form) happened to be published the year that Boston would finally break their cursed streak and win the World Series. His book came out about six months before that historic and fun to watch win. The book covers the events that lead to the creation of the World Series.

    Way back then, the team wasn’t called the Red Sox. They were just the Boston team for the American League. The book though isn’t about the team beyond them be

  2. Brisk, informative run down of the first World Series ever, between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox. Really well done presentation of the context at the time and the specifics of the games. Interesting pieces of historical details; for example, how stadiums had not yet developed crowd control or even organized fan seating. There are photos of a game played with fans standing in the outfield. Jarring!

    Three stars for readers who are not baseball fans or disinterested in the Red Sox.

  3. The memoir When Boston Won The World Series by Bob Ryan was a very enjoyable book to have read. The theme of this book is, who wants it more? Though there is no protaganoist nor setting, The main baseball club is the Boston Red Sox. This is a special book because they won the first ever world series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The novel demonstrated interesting facts about baseball today and baseball then. It took the reader into the World Series and showed them what it is what like to be a

  4. Only book I’ve ever read like this. Got it when I was into baseball, really interesting book about the history of the American past time. Something I loved about it was that it chronicles an event that most people my age (21) have no clue about. Before this book I had no Idea that their was never a world series. That could jest be me, but I found it really interesting. The book does a great job of making you feel as if you were their. It’s very detail oriented and creates a image in your head as

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