5 thoughts on “What to Wear to See the Pope

  1. A friend loaned me this after her book club read it; she didn’t particularly like the book either. I asked to borrow it because I found the title intriguing and I thought it might be something light to read in between all the other heavy books I’m currently working on.

    Fortunately I didn’t waste any money on WtWtStP or much time. Lehner is described on the back cover as a ‘conflicted Catholic’. Perhaps she is. I didn’t get past the first couple of chapters. Although at times I was moved to empath

  2. Well if you want to read a book that makes you feel like you just spent hours talking to the most arrogant, self-absorbed person you’ve ever met, than this is the book for you! Or if you want to feel like you just spent hours talking to your grandmother’s best friend who obsesses about everyone’s medical problems, then again this is the book for you! The whole time I was reading I kept on waiting for it to get better or for it to come to a point but it really never did. I was highly disappointed

  3. I found the narrators rambling and neuroses to be highly entertaining. Her obsessions with the saints and parcelling language was quite fun. Perhaps because I identify a bit with her, or perhaps because the concept of a fetus em fetu if awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

  4. This book was hysterical. The neurotic musings of the author made me laugh out loud. The Catholic references were especially funny to me, but I think anyone would enjoy this one.

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