5 thoughts on “What the L?

  1. I HATE puns, and Kate Clinton just adores them. And once she thinks of one, she likes to use it over and over again – and collections of essays often suffer as soon as you realize that an author who seems to do a good job with a monthly column is actually only rehashing the same material over and over again….you’ve simply forgotten in the last month. This is Clinton’s problem. This book is about 250 pages long, but I can give it to you right here: W. is an ass, gay people should worry less abo

  2. I’m about a decade late and have never had much interest in (or patience for) politics, but I will definitely say I enjoyed this book. It was repetitive in places as she wrote many of the concepts from her mind in multiple essays, which then all ended up in the same book. I enjoyed the writing style and of course the humour!

    My absolute favourite, I think, is when she describes her interactions/life with her girlfriend, including some of the technology. This book was a good laugh at my history. I

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