5 thoughts on “What Fish Don’t Want You to Know

  1. I found this book to be practical, coherent, well written and often funny. For the novice you learn some basic but critical stuff that, if you never had a dad or uncle show you, it’s doubtful you’d have a clue about. I learned about fishing mostly from trial and error and a tip here and there from a friend who knew (slightly) more than me. I could have been catching lots more fish if I had read this book much sooner. It’s slimmer than a “Dummies” Book and more personal, both pluses. I’m sure Bar

  2. This is a good book for the beginner fisherman. It’s not overly technical and I still sometimes refer to it years later. If you are a novice wanting to learn more about how to think like and how to catch a fish, then this book is for you.

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