0 thoughts on “What Everyone Should Know about Islam and Muslims

  1. This book was recommended to me as a good resource for non-Muslims who know, or work with Muslims and would like to find out more about their beliefs and practices. In my opinion, this book is very unsuitable for that purpose, and I would not recommend it to others.

    Ms. Haneef does a reasonable job of briefly explaining out the basic tenets and practices of Islam, as well as the ways the religion should manifest itself in the everyday life of its believers. Unfortunately, she does not stop there.

  2. I’ve long wanted to know more about Islam, but I didn’t want to read one of those books by a Christian explaining why “their” God isn’t ours, or by someone trying to tell me the danger “their” faith represents. This book by a self-described “devout Christian” who “later discovered Islam” seemed like just what I needed, and it’s certainly been an interesting read. For myself, I’m a “devout Christian” with no intention of changing but every desire to learn more…
    This book certainly taught me more,

  3. This is a good explanation of Islam written from the perspective of a woman who adopted the faith later in life. What she describes sounds appealing on the whole. But what jarred me throughout was the enormous gap between the faith she depicts and the reality I have seen in the so-called Muslim countries of the world. But Haneef herself acknowledges that true Muslims are the minority, even in Muslim countries. The same could be said of Christians, although Muslims often are unwilling to acknowle

  4. This is a fantastic resource for non-Muslims. I read this before studying abroad in Morocco (predominantly Arab Muslim country), and I learned a lot about Islam.

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