5 thoughts on “What Do You Say After You Say Hello?

  1. A somewhat misleading title as the book won’t give any helpful tips to change a conversation for the better. The underlying theory however is interesting: Right from the start we have an unconscious belief of life and ourselves which controls every bit of our life and thus also influences the way we talk to other people.
    The typical “examples” however could be shortened. Berne’s book “Games people play” is far better in analyzing the way people talk with each other.

  2. Eric Berne’s best book, I feel. Berne became the darling of social workers and pop-psychologists, and I suspect was correspondingly disliked by real psychologists. Nevertheless, I have a lot of time for him. In particular, his belief that human beings contain within them a Parent, Child and Adult, and use these to build their relations with others and their understanding of themselves is not at all daft. For example, his views are consonant with those of G H Mead, the founder of Social Psycholog

  3. This is basically a psychology textbook telling you why people do what they do and what in their lives made them decide they had to make the choices they made. Extremely enlightening and interesting, if not a little outdated. There are also some very nice bedtime stories in this book.

  4. This book has one of the most misleading (and worst) titles, and it is one of the best books ever written in the field of psychology. It’s like how they named Greenland, a desolate hunk of ice (sorry if you’re from Greenland) almost wholly within the Arctic Circle, GREEN-land; and Iceland, a gorgeous, temperate, GREEN country, wholly outside the Arctic Circle, ICE-land. There are many theories as to how this misnomer occurred, but my favorite is that Erik The Red, a hearty Viking (undoubtedly wi

  5. It is funny to consider that many of us live our lives such that they may resemble classic fairytales -though not necessarily with happy endings. This, while it isn’t the point of the book, was a fun theme that ran through it. Fun psychology.

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