5 thoughts on “Western Inheritance

  1. 4.5 stars

    The story is simple. Marcus went to Wyoming to arrange the selling of his land, inherited from his deceased father. The land and the house had been vacant for two and half decades, since his father left for California. (view spoiler)[Upon entering the house, there’s a room full of dried blood, and all signs pointed to his father. (hide spoiler)]

  2. Some notes while I’m reading —

    Dangit, I was hoping to enjoy this. A thirty year old murder mystery, young city boy comes to the ranch, so on and so forth. Then, after HALF OF ONE BLOW JOB, we get this nonsense:

    “He was so caught up in the way Grant spoke to him. Demanded of him so that he didn’t think normal sex would ever satisfy him again. Never before had he felt dominated and out of control.”

    He’s ruined for “normal” sex after just half of one very vanilla (if a little demanding) blow job?? R

  3. This was a sweet romantic hot book. What made it a 4 star rather than 5 star is though I understand the hot rancher’s desire for dominance and control.But not practicing safe sex or care in preparing your partner I did not like at all. This is an interesting story about teacher Marcus and hot rancher Grant and Marcus is in Wyoming to see a property his deceased father has left him. Grant is from Sacramento California. Grant never heard his dad discuss a ranch or land so its all a mystery. Both m

  4. Another fantastic read from E.M. Leya.

    As you follow Marcus’ trip to a farm he inherited from his father – which he never knew existed – and more or less falls into the arms of the neighboring farmer, Grant Fellows, you find yourself drawn into a mystery that gets deeper as they reach the farm house on Marcus’ land.

    While the two men try to solve the riddles of the past, they also deal with their growing attraction to each other, but has their relationship any hope of a future when the two worlds

  5. Marcus is great and I felt so bad for him and here Grant is here to help him every step of the way. So good. If you like love, laughter, suspense, murder and so much ore this book is for you. I loved this book and would not mind reading it again. E.M. Leya has became one of my favorite writers.

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