5 thoughts on “Well-Tempered Clavicle (Xanth, #35)

  1. Decades ago, I read a lot of Piers Anthony. Most of his books were fast-paced and didn’t take themselves too seriously, which I appreciated. I haven’t read his stuff in years, but when I received a review copy of his latest book Well-Tempered Clavicle, the thirty-fifth Xanth book, I decided to check it out. I figured it would be a fun trip to a fantasy world I hadn’t visited in a while.

    I couldn’t finish the book. Heavy-handed puns, constant descriptions of panties, breast gropes, and a “comical”

  2. DNF AT PAGE 104. I am shocked and disappointed in myself for not getting a lighter and setting my copy on fire after the first encounter with Attila the Pun.

    I was actually very excited to get into this. The back copy sounded interesting, it looked fun and light. Talking skeletons! Quests! And then I get to the first chapter and bad visual puns and this is gonna be fun. And then the book turned into a fantasy harem anime. I gave this a fair shot. But given that every single female character flash

  3. A Xanth novel…felt like he wasn’t really trying, and then I read the author’s note and realized he admitted that it was off. The puns weren’t the problem; more the recaps to everyone they met being included, almost in full, every time and then the continuing distinctions between skeletons and humans, especially near the end mentioning the eating and ablutions during the camping. Also, it was a bit choppy with characters being introduced and then dealt with in less than half a chapter or even j

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