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  1. Wasteland by Keith Crews belongs to the special kind of books, which can be read again and again.

    It begins in the moment of death of Angelo Marchetti, a mafia hitman, and then tells two interleaving stories. The first is a story of Angelo’s life, starting from his early childhood. The second is a story taking place after his death, in the Wasteland.

    The story of Angelo’s life is a fascinating, but rather serious read, dealing with difficult subjects. It’s written in the down to earth style, with

  2. A mafia hitman trapped in Hell made to relive his past ostensibly to redeem himself. Plot, interesting: the development of Angelo from bullied boy to elite mafia aided by Vincent is covered in some detail. Characters are somewhat cardboard: I felt that Vincent convinced; Angelo was conveniently written but I couldn’t ‘feel’ him. The rest of the characters were a little 2D. Writing: so this is an ebook, and I think it needs an editor. There’s too much explaining, backfilling and over-rationalisat

  3. I can’t believe not many readers have had at this novel, it’s a delicious cross between ‘The Godfather’, ‘Sandman Slim’ and ‘The Devil went down to Georgia’.
    Loved the mix of paranormal, Mafia and cold blooded stone cold killer ethics, the characters are unapologetic and multifaceted, absolutely loved ‘Uncle Vincent’ and it’s great to be carried off elsewhere, bravo, I want more…

  4. I enjoyed the reading, the mix of personal drama and supernatural twists. But the ending let me down. I understand this is the first book in a series, but somehow I was expecting a more concrete conclusion. I don’t know… blame George R. R. Martin and his neverending Song of Ice and Fire. I’m becoming more suspicious of series of uncertain length and resolution, and stories published in a series for the sake of selling more volumes.
    Anyway, I liked the story enough. Let’s see what Keith Crews i

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