5 thoughts on “Waiting for Gregory

  1. Iris is getting a new baby cousin named Gregory, and she can’t wait for him to arrive! The trouble is, all of the adults have a different story to explain where he comes from and when he will get here. Iris has to sift through the stories about storks and cabbages for the bits of true information like that Gregory will arrive in nine months.
    It’s a good book for kids who are expecting new siblings, because it captures the anticipation and frustration of the experience. It doesn’t answer the quest

  2. BEAUTIFUL paintings! The author wrote this book in response to her experience with her daughter waiting for her baby cousin. It’s clearly told from the perspective of a parent watching her child anticipate a baby. As a 5th grade teacher, this book would be a great way to begin a conversation around the birds and the bees. It light-heartedly hits many of the stories children hear regarding where babies come from.

  3. Story to about a girl named Iris who is awaiting the arrival of a new baby. Iris, asks family and friends how and when her new cousin will arrive. Well-written text for children. Universal theme. Swiatkowska uses gouache, watercolors, acrylics, enamel and tempura for the illustrations. Two-page spreads of text and illustrations. A touching story that all children will relate to.

  4. I really liked this book a lot, because it can aid in teaching about an important concept. There are many children out there with a mom who is about to have a baby. It can cause confusion to the children, so this book can help clear up any confusion a child may have about it. It also has enriching text throughout the book, I would consider this to be a very good read.

  5. Grade/Interest Level: K-3

    Iris is anxious for her cousin Gregory to be born, but every person she asks seems to give her an even more unusual explanation of when how he will arrive, from cabbage patches to ladders in the sky. As she seeks out this information, Iris dreams of all the things she will do with her new baby cousin in the future.

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