5 thoughts on “Voices of the Pacific

  1. This is a book every American needs to read and especially kids in high school. As the author correctly describes his book it’s like gathering a group of aged Marine vets around a table and letting them tell their stories. It’s not about battle strategy or tactics or politics. This book is about boys that went into the Marines during WWII became men and then went through a hell nobody today could imagine. This is their story in their words and it’s something we all should listen to because we ow

  2. My hats off to the Marine veterans of World War Two. This book reminds me why that generation was the greatest generation America has ever known. And also why they are one of the best generation of Marines we’ve ever had. This book tells the account of fifteen Marines who fought in the Pacific in their own words. As the author stated in the beginning, these are the last words of men who are in their nineties and some of the stories of what happened in World War two have never told by these survi

  3. A continuing collection of stories gathered from the few Marines still alive, so all first hand. Having read many books about the war in the Pacific, one that didn’t receive nearly the press that our war in Europe did, I recognized a lot of the men in this book. A Marine that is mentioned frequently in this book, one who did not survive WWII, is a Marine by the name of John Basilone, a Medal Of Honor recipient, from his actions on Guadalcanal. If you ever want to read about an honest to God true

  4. My grandfather was a 2nd lieutenant in the 1st Marine Division in the Pacific during WWII under Chesty Puller and every now and then he would tell me about his experiences on the islands of Peleliu, Palau, Truk and others. It was not something he liked to talk about a lot, so reading this book helped complete a picture of what it was like for him and the thousands of Marines who experienced the war there. The first-hand stories were fascinating to read and the book followed an historical timelin

  5. This is a well written book about one of the most brutal wars ever. These are personal insights tyhat these vets share with the reader that are not in most books. This was a great book.

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