2 thoughts on “Virgin Territory (Volume 1)

  1. I had the chance to meet Susan in May 2016 at her house in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico and to find out about her work so I wanted to read her book to understand better her life’s journey.
    Susan’s book is full of meaningful stories, I loved her writing style, the details of her memories and how it all connects. I found her book to be very inspiring and entertaining, a book for women of all ages who are looking to understand themselves better and connect with their spiritual selves. The thinki

  2. I learned about this book from a friend, so looked it up online. What I read in the description and reader reviews was enough for me to get the book, but not enough for me to understand how deeply Susan Cobb’s memoir would entertain and move me. I don’t know how men would respond to it—it’s primarily feminine in nature; but I believe women, especially past their 30s (and perhaps even 40s) might appreciate it as I did. The author speaks to universal experiences, but through her unique perspective

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