5 thoughts on “Vanished (Boarding School Mysteries, #1)

  1. This is totally Nancy Drew in Christian form. It’s a quick read, action-packed, and not too preachy. In fact, despite my misgivings at picking up a book in a series titled FaithGirlz (that “z”… why do they do that?!), I found that the Christian element was well treated. There is no come-to-Jesus-preachy-message; instead, Jeri’s faith seems genuine and realistic–much like what many 12-year-old Christians might be thinking/feeling.

    My biggest issue is that Jeri consistently disobeys orders. I kn

  2. This is the first in the Faithgirlz boarding school mysteries. Jeri wants to be an investigative reporter but she didn’t think the first case she would have to solve would be the disappearance of a school van with six students and a teacher in it. One of the students is her roommate Rosa. Jeri is a sixth grader. She discovers lots of clues and has a lot of suspects. She manages to solve the problem. This is a good middle grade mystery with a definite Christian bent.

  3. This book was okay. It was a freebie for the Kindle but I didn’t realize that it was mostly geared for middle school kids. It was a good story but not something that I would read again. It kept me guessing until the end but again it is not for my age group. I would recommend for younger teens though.

  4. Vanished by Kristi Holl is about a 6th grade girl named Jeri McKane at an all girls boarding school. Her best friend Rosa goes missing while on an art class field trip along with 5 other students and the art teacher Mr. Reeves. The town turns out to help look for the van and missing people. Jeri calls Jake Phillips, a local reporter whom she looks up to, to come and help with the investigation. Then Jeri discovers that Jake’s stories aren’t adding up. Did the van run off the road and crash throu

  5. 1.5 stars rounded up to 2

    I actually got Vanished as a Kindle freebie back in early 2011, and it proceeded to sit on my Kindle ever since. However, I was trying to finish up my A-Z Title Challenge and needed a V. Of the 3 V’s on my Kindle, Vanished was the shortest and didn’t sound too bad. It served its purpose, but it certainly was not a great book.

    I’ve read some Christian books that aren’t too bad or in your face. Vanished was not one of them. It seemed that all too often, Jeri was praying and

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