5 thoughts on “Unsung Heroes of American Industry

  1. August 2012

    I read Mark Jude Poirier’s excellent collection Naked Pueblo several years ago and immediately added Unsung Heroes to my to-read list. Spent the longest time looking for a copy in bookstores before I realized I could just get it from the library. Good idea. This one may not be a keeper. Forget good, bad, and ugly. These stories are more about The Good, the Not Bad…, and the Christ-that’s-just-depressing.

    “Buttons”: A family business built on buttons, grown on chickens, and destr

  2. For such a quick read, I really didn’t want this book to end. Mark Jude Poirier is one of the very few authors that I have found that really does short stories right! I got everything I needed from these stories and found myself even loving even the most undesirable of the characters. I am excited to read the rest of his collection!

  3. The perfect book for people with short attention spans…very easy to pick up and put down but consistently holds your attention. At times witty and poignant, this collection of stories is easy to take in and leaves you with a pleasant after taste.

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