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  1. I wanted to read something what I define as space murder mystery.
    I flipped through the content of my e-reader and found a copy of
    Unexpected Rain.
    I read it in two days and have not been disappointed. I liked the
    two main characters who are far from being perfect fighting against
    bureaucracy, space pirates and other obstacles. Sometimes it seemed
    there are more pawns than in a chess game.
    Humanity conquered space but still suffers from problems we know from
    today. Skin colour ist still important.


  2. This book was amazingly entertaining. There’s a bit of everything for everyone, especially for those who are technically minded and enjoy a bit of geeky programming. In UNEXPECTED RAIN you will follow Runstom and Jax in a quest in which they will decipher clues using their technical expertise. The characters are a bit clueless in the beginning, just regular folks, but they make the best to detangle the mystery. Runstom and Jax develop an unlikely friendship that makes me wonder what book 2 will

  3. Murder in a dome is so rare that an entire dome-based planet has no police that can deal with it, and must call in special police from off-world. Even these police have rarely experienced a crime like the mass murder that kicks off Unexpected Rain, Jason W. LaPier’s debut sci-fi mystery novel.

    Life in the dome cities is easy and safe, and the effect of this coddling setting on the main characters is interesting. Both main characters (a dome-dweller, and an off-world cop brought in with the invest

  4. It’s been a while since I read any science fiction, so it was a great relief to come back to it via such an accomplished and confident piece of writing. I was drawn to this because it not only seemed to be good writing, but it promised the addition of a crime novel in a future setting. That could have been a train wreck. As it turned out it was a smooth and satisfying ride, the only bumps being those experienced by the characters. And, boy, do they go through it. A man with little ambition in a

  5. DNF at %55.

    A mystery. In the future. In space. How cool is that?

    Not very, unfortunately.

    Sometime in the future, humankind has done what humans do and pissed all over planet Earth, then left without cleaning up the mess. Folks now live in far-flung colonies throughout the galaxy (universe?) in cozy, climate controlled domes. One evening, an assassin saunters through the dark streets of one of these habitats, having just successfully killed his target. Unfortunately for him and everyone else in th

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