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  1. They rose from varying degrees of poverty to manage multi-million dollar enterprises that had at their roots the ability to command an audience.

    The title comes from a game played by the three cousins in their small town of Ferriday, Louisiana. While one cousin (often Jerry) may have “conquered” another in these games of “dare”, in 2015, all the cousins, each with their own stellar achievements and failures, are still standing, and are “unconquered”.

    Author, J.D. Davis, shows how their respective

  2. A totally engaging read about three famous cousins who shared an era. The book is about each of them separately but always goes back to how they emerged from their beginnings, all three playing together as boys. They were born during the Great Depression, in the American south, Louisiana to be precise, risen on a Pentecostal faith that set them apart even where they belonged, attending tent revivals full of music, preaching and speaking in tongues. I was drawn to the book because of this setting

  3. Did you know that Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, and Jimmy Swaggart were first cousins who grew up together in the same small Louisiana town? I’m about halfway through this book, and it’s been terrific so far. It’s fascinating to read about the foundations for what is ahead of these men: the talents, the stardom, and the scandals. As always, the backstory is so much more complex, nuanced, and intriguing than the splashy headlines. If you have any interest in the south, Louisiana, Pentecostal ch

  4. Having grown up listening to the rock and roll of Jerry Lee Lewis, I was drawn to this book. Three cousins, born within 12 months of each other, in a small rural town in Louisana, each drawn to the Pentecostel religion and displayed the talent for playing the piano. Each man became famous in his own right. . Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggart and Mickey Gilley.

    J. D. Davis did a remarkable job of making this a very real and truthful portrait of its times. . . it was skillfully written.

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