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  1. A massive improvement over Ultimatum. Because it’s the Ultimate universe, Ultimatum could have repercussions that 616 events could only dream of, and this is the first opportunity to see those effects. The Spider-Man is very good, as Bendis’s work on Ultimate Spider-Man almost always was. The X-Men and Fantastic Four parts are both decently written, if not spectacular. They do the job. The X-Men book is more focused on the mourning by those left behind. The X-Men were especially hard hit during

  2. What a recovery. Yes, Ultimatum blew and we’re left with lots of crap from said event, but that’s not this volumes fault and I won’t hold what came before against this volume.

    All of the series are wrapped up nicely here, with the exception that yes some of the Ultimatum crap is out there but these issues wrap up their perspective series really well. The Fantastic Four of the Ultimate line are no more. They split up which defines hem as completely different from their 616 counterparts. The X-Men

  3. Having made the worst of it, Jeph Loeb scampers off somewhere to ruin someone else’s day and leaves more capable writers to do what they can to patch things up.

    And, much like how just watching peroxide bubble and foam out of a nasty scrape when I was little seemed to do just as much good as the actual disinfection, Requiem works in two ways. It acknowledges all the dumb crap that’s happened in the past few issues and implores everyone to take a moment to pull themselves together and move on.


  4. Spider-Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Right? Famous last words because there’s plenty wrong.

    Even though Aron E. Coleite does a marvelous job filling the gaps left by Jeph Loeb, there’s no way to save this sinking ship.

    Ultimatum is the worst storyline in the Ultimate Comics universe. Plain and simple.

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