5 thoughts on “Two Shadows – the inspirational story of one man’s triumph over adversity

  1. Ugh. The best word I can use to describe this book is “dry”. I didn’t even finish it and I am not too happy about using my Amazon Prime free book pass on this one. I was so disappointed with it that I removed it from my “Cloud”. Now that’s pretty bad.

    Not one page captured my interest or had anything worth while to hold my attention (what with my ADD is a must). I love reading books about mountain climbing, Mt Everest, expeditions – and this book had all that it just didn’t tell a story. Its lik

  2. I ordered this book as soon as I heard about it, since I’ve enjoyed the Wingers’ writing style so much in their other books. The extensive list of mountaineering and climbing areas listed in the table of contents was another draw, including climbs in Bolivia, Peru, USSR, India, Africa, Europe, and Nepal.

    I was not disappointed, to say the least. Some of the climbing stories were true mountaineering epics, keeping me on the edge of my seat. Other chapters emphasized the adventure of traveling over

  3. Man, did I get suckered by the title of this book. I don’t mean to pick on a guy in his 70’s, but this book was anything but inspirational. The fact that he did 10 years of jail time and straightened out his life and became a mountain climber should be a great story, but this book did a terrible job of telling it. There were no personal insights, no drama, no feeling at all, absolutely nothing compelling. It was a very matter of fact telling of a guy who climbed a lot. There was no attempt to co

  4. All his life Charlie Winger has been climbing. He rose up out of his recidivistic destiny to a successful white collar career, ascended some fascinating and daunting peaks around the world, and overcame prostate cancer. Now, past seventy, he’s taking on the bureaucratic mountain of gaining an official pardon for his earlier crimes, to rid himself of that shadow. Two Shadows is his mountaineering-focused memoir.

    The book is divided into three sections. The first is an autobiographical and chronol

  5. Gee, I liked the book. So I am surprised at the extremely negative reviews. Now, I know Charlie and Diane, so that maybe colored my opinion a bit. I also was an avid mountaineer when I was younger, so that too may have colored my opinion. But all In all I found it an interesting read. I do agree there were times I had wished he had given more details on his mountaineering trips. But that said, I think many folks would enjoy his story.

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