5 thoughts on “Two Hot!

  1. Ph.D. student Zoe McNamara is recovering from having to resign from her job after rumors of her having an affair with the boss threatened the work place. So her response at being cautious around men seems logical.

    Yet, the minute she sees Jed Calhoun she is a goner. After signals of interests, she decides to just give in this once and get him out of her system. Yet, she finds he’s not out of her system.

    After two days with no word from Jed, she is sure he took her request for a one time only to

  2. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It’s a nice story with nice characters, but something is missing regarding the characters.

    They are too nice or too well balanced. The book felt like a generic romance novel with a happy ending. I liked it but nothing surprised or delighted me. Zoe worked as a data analyst for the CIA for a short while and was fired. Jed was a CIA agent who was framed for a murder of another agent and is in hiding. They are physically drawn to each other immediately when they first meet.

    They have

  3. A mystery – romance book. I liked it a lot for many reasons, like the character’s dilemma having to choose Jed or Ethan (or Lucifer). In the end she realizes that appearances are indeed deceiving…. Excellent choice of book to spend a couple of hours.

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