5 thoughts on “Twisted (Dark Protectors, #5.5)

  1. ****Spoilers****

    Yay Maggie and Terrent….. I have been waiting for Maggie and Terrent’s story since she nailed him in the balls! This novella was freaking great, but should have totally been a full novel! So someone is messing with the Virus-27 vaccinations. The King sends in Maggie to investigate who is sabotaging the inoculations. Maggie is a wolf shifter who was kidnapped by the Kurjans and experimented and injected with virus 27 and experimental drugs making her lose her memory of her past

  2. 4.5 sexy badass stars

    This novella in the Dark Protectors series brings us the long awaited story of Maggie and Terrent, and OMG, it was unexpected!

    Bombshell alert!!!!

    Ten years ago shifter, Maggie was taken by Kurgens. She was experimented on and whatever they injected her with caused her to lose her memory. Since being rescued, she has been looked after and protected by the Kayrs family at Realm headquarters who have looked after her and tried to help her remember who she is but to no avail.


  3. It was sooo good to be back in this world – with these characters! The action, the suspense, the humor, the emotion … and the hot-monkey sex!!!

    I have loved the powerful, dominant Terrent and the feisty, adorable Maggie since they were first introduced in the series. These two were intense, and by the time I was finished with this one I was in doggy heaven!

    I’m squirming in anticipation for Jase and Brenna’s story.

  4. For the last 10 years, Maggie has been living in the dark about her past. She is a wolf shifter that was kidnapped and injected with an experimental drug by the Kurjans, she remembers bits and pieces of her past but for the most part her memory is gone.

    Living among the vampires, Maggie has found safety and made a home. When the vampire king asks her to investigate drug tampering in the wolf packs, Maggie must rejoin her own kind…and Terrent Vilks.

    Terrent Vilks knows Maggie and just happens t

  5. This really didn’t seem like a novella it was more like a full length story. I think that could be because we already know Maggie and her story as she had featured quite a bit in other stories across the series. Would still have liked to have had more of a story between Terrent and Maggie.

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