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  1. Dabydeen’s powers as a poet are considerable. More attuned to textuality’s limitations than many other diasporic Guyanese writers, in Turner Dabydeen is able to conjure a vision of the Middle Passage that falls into neither romantic myths nor callous statistics. In other words, he can see clearly that his desire to recover a lost object—the voice of slaves lost to the sea—is always going to be a failure, but is necessary nevertheless. Addressing the poetic construction of a stillborn child f

  2. I liked ‘Turner’ a lot (especially part XXII; I’d give Turner 4/5 moose). As for the other poems; I would probably not have borrowed/bought this collection based on them (then again, I borrowed it on the basis of Turner’s painting, which is one of my favourites). Even though I found the language (from rather heavy AAVE that required a translation to a more subtle -but still very present- Afro-American variant) very interesting to read, it was exhaustive and slowed the reader down (which was prob

  3. very mixed feelings about this collection. i like dabydeen’s use of language and his imagery and his characters. but this doesn’t feel like poetry to me. it feels like storytelling maybe. nothing about this seems linked to the poetic form, nothing about the lines seems necessary. the title piece is the best of them. many of the other pieces feel repetitive. and yet, there’s something intriguing going on that i can’t put my finger on.

  4. Not sure how I feel about this epic poem as of yet. Sometimes I understood what was going on and then all of a sudden the poem would change into another scenario. Although I do like the use of the native tongue… Not sure whether he should have translated it though. Would have looked and sounded better in the native tongue to show the contrast in storytelling and emotions from the English perspective and from the native one.

  5. Voor mij krijgt het schitterende schilderij van Turner absoluut een nieuwe dimensie door het schitterende taalgebruik van David Dabydeen. Normaal ben ik niet een enorme fan van dichtende academici die hun wetenschappelijke vakgebied incorporeren in hun artistieke uitspattingen, maar hier weet de auteur zeker de juiste balans te vinden tussen intellectualisme en gevoelige associaties.

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