5 thoughts on “True of Heart (The Draegan Lords, #1)

  1. Gaige Rizik, Capitan of the high guard of the sorcerer Byram…

    is a man with a mission… He MUST discover the where the rebel group of Drageans are, and most of all get information about their leader. Gaige is not a regular human. He is the best soldier and because of his blond almost white hair, and his ruthless, he is called The White Panther

    Keiran is a Draegan

    He is one of the few Draegan still alive after the begin of the war. All of his race are humans able to shift in powerful dragons.

  2. Spoilers, probably.

    So this book has all the makings for things I usually don’t like.
    – Insta-love
    – Dummy MCs who are like, “What, it’s YOU?!” and can’t see the obvious
    – Typical characters in an M/M Romance book
    – “Soulmates”

    But despite all that, I ate this shit up.
    There are so many awesome things in the book and you read it, and know it’s not really the most in-depth book you’re ever gonna read, and know it’s basically dragon-smut, but fuck, I just loved it.

    – Dragon cum = magma
    – White-blond MC (me

  3. Heard about this series in a post by one of my friends here at GR. It tickled my curiosity because it’s about shifters but not the usual wolf or cats. Though I’m a fan of paranormal romance in all its genres, I’m kinda tired of the myriad shifter romances, they have become interchangeable. “See mate, must have mate, hot mating sex ensues, voila! HEA”. The formula works and nobody wants to move beyond it. Blah!

    With that in mind, I have to say that “True of Heart” was amazingly good, way beyond my

  4. This book is centred around the theme of ‘duty verses love’. We first meet our hero, Gaige, when he is commanded by the high sorcerer (like the king, but with tremendous magic powers) to seek out a band a renegade ‘draegons’ who he believes are trying to cause trouble in his lands. The draegons are an ancient race of dragon shifting people who have been persecuted and driven away for over 100 years for being too powerful and initiating an attack on humans which started a great war. There is much

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