5 thoughts on “Tрудните деца

  1. I loved this book. Thank you Andrew Fuller.

    We have a tricky young lady who is a manipulator/debater/competitor. She can break your heart and put it together again in one minute. She is like a little tornado with so much personality. We love her spirit and can see how her traits are awesome in terms of life skills but we’re not sure how to best parent her. This book has that covered.

    Not only did this book demonstrate how to parent those tricky children but how to nurture their attributes so you

  2. So many parenting books identify which type of child you have and give you no concrete advice on what to do with them. This book, on the other hand, provides reasons for certain types of behaviour and suggests specific actions. We’ve been doing some of them, and we are all happier for it. Thumbs up.

  3. Anyone who has kids, works with kids or knows any kids should read this book. Sound advice from an expert. I have seen these strategies make a positive difference for parents, teachers and most important of all, the tricky kids themselves.

  4. Полезно четиво за всички родители. Съдържа практични съвети, поднесени по забавен начин. Препоръчвам!

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