5 thoughts on “Treasury of the Lost Litter Box

  1. It’s been a couple of years since the last Get Fuzzy treasury collection, bringing together a complete roundup of this great comic strip, and now fans can rejoice with Treasury of the Lost Litter Box. Whether you’re a Get Fuzzy veteran and looking to increase your collection (like me), or discovering this entertaining comic strip for the first time, Treasury of the Lost Litter Box is a worthy book, sucking you in right from the start and letting you delve into the lives of these unusual characte

  2. This treasury is a combination of strips from Ignorance, Thy Name is Bucky and Dumbheart. Strips include Bucky’s cousin Mac Manc McManx visiting from England, Bucky writing a movie manuscript, Bucky’s museum, Satchel and his personal trainer as well as Satchel’s cluelessness, and Rob’s weariness.

    As usual, I loved the Get Fuzzy treasury. Can’t get enough of Bucky’s reign of terror. Favorite strips was of Satchel and his personal trainer as well as Bucky writing a movie manuscript with his mento

  3. You have to appreciate owning a cat and a dog together to fully get this comic strip. And you also have to know a bit about politics and be a bit of a liberal in order to laugh out loud. This is sarcasm at its finest and with Bucky the Cat’s shapr toungue (and fang), Satchel’s sweet dogness, and their owner Rob, who just is trying to be a good person, you can’t go wrong. A great way to open a teen’s mind to all that is at stake in the world as seen through the animal kingdom. The new Bloom’s Cou

  4. Pretty disappointed with a strip that is usually excellent. Far too many of the jokes are based on one dimensional side characters, including one with a cockney accent that no one can understand – I felt that didn’t come across too well in print.

  5. Get Fuzzy is the new generation of Garfield. Attitude and no class he’s always beating on the dog. I can’t get enough of Bucky Katt and his love of fish and hatred of all things ferret!

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