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  1. The violation of a law, the violation of a duty, are both definitions of the word “transgression“. In the book, Transgression: A Novel of Love and War, by James Nichol, those prime examples of defining the meaning of the word “transgression” are vividly brush stroked with Nichol’s word paintings.

    Set during World War II and postwar, the historical aspect of the novel is fascinating, and the story line evokes mystery and intrigue as well. It is a story primarily of war and love, and the confines o

  2. Oh this book… I’ll admit that for half of this novel, I skimmed most of it. The Jack and crime-solving portion of the book just seemed boring to me. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t become emotionally involved with this portion or what. Even the actual crime-solving stuff just made me sigh and try to move along to the Adele portions faster.

    The Adele parts, however, were packed with emotion. Seeing what this woman went through because of her choice of love just made my eyes tear up and my

  3. At first when I started this novel about a young French woman who is living during the occupation of France during WWII, I was annoyed, as every other chapter it started telling a story about a man that is found murdered in Canada 3 years later. The two conflicting stories were hard to wrap your brain around at first, as there was so much going on in each story and I wanted to remember each detail, as I knew they must come together at some point….

    That said, as I got used to it, both stories b

  4. I picked this up at the library with five other books. I get a lot of books at the library, will start, and if it’s good will read the whole book. If not, I’ll quit 20 pages in.

    It has two stories – one follows a French girl in 1941 trying to discover if her father was killed fighting the Germans. She meets a German soldier trying to find her father and a relationship begins. The other story follows a detective who is trying to figure out why a finger ends up in a rural farm in Cananda, 1946. Th

  5. Unusual Story

    I really enjoyed this book. It began with two seemingly unrelated story lines that were four years apart; one in France and one in Canada. As we become acquainted with the characters the interval between the two story shortens. Near the end of the book, the time line as well as the story line merge.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this unusual treatment of a murder mystery combined with two love stories.

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