5 thoughts on “Tranquility’s Blaze (Tales of Tranquility, #1)

  1. I can’t say that I loved any of the characters, but you know, it does not matter. Which is weird cos here I thought I need to cheer someone on…but, yes there is a but. I really hated the baddie, I guess that is why the characters worked for me 😉 I put all energy on Sarissa. She was one evil B! An awesome evil character to hate.

    Ok so we got Bethany who is all FIGHT! And can kick anyone’s ass. She is also the daughter of a Goddess and has her own prophecy….I do wonder how that will turn out.

  2. Lady Bethany is the first Lady Champion of the Knights. And she has a secret that will destroy her if it ever gets out. But when her sister, Sarissa goes mad from Magic use and tries to destroy everything Bethany holds dear, she has no choice but to embrace her true nature. Even if it means unleashing her own powers on an unsuspecting world.

    Tranquility’s Blaze is a fantastic, epic fantasy with some of the best characters I’ve ever read. It’s funny and heartbreaking and romantic and brutal at the

  3. I had high expectations for this book and after finishing it last night, I was disappointed. Bethany is the daughter of the prophecy being half human and half goddess and she is third in command at the Elven Military Elite forces. She is a strong no nonsense kind of woman who never had time for love or romance and was more comfortable taking down an enemy soldier. Her younger sister Sarissa who has succumbed to the the evil of magic, been banished and is now determined to kill her sister and the

  4. Oh, I do want more from Bethany and this fantasy world.

    ***** Full Review *****
    In a world where woman are thought to be the baby producers of more males, Bethany holds the third highest position in the most powerful army in the world, The Elven Service of the Silver Knights. She is also much more than anyone realizes, having only a select few know that her blood is mixed with that of a goddess’ along with her elf origin as well, these two things and the first born of the Goddess makes Bethany to

  5. I’d rate this 3.5 stars. Not a perfectly structured novel but I really found the main character compelling. I’ve already bought the second book to follow her further adventures.

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