5 thoughts on “Train Man

  1. Cute book, though I do wish it didn’t say “Train Man”… a little too much gender segregation IMO. I don’t consider trains “boy toys.” “Conductor” would have been just fine. Plus I’d rather it started off with “I like trains” rather than “I love trains.” I also wish it said “When I get big I’d like to be a conductor” instead of “When I get big I’m going to be a train man.” Semantics? Those little changes would have made me like the book a whole lot more. Anyway, the illustrations are beautiful f

  2. 5 stars for being the perfect book at the perfect time. My son has been talking non-stop about growing up to become a train conductor and yelling “all aboard!”, driving his family through tunnels and over bridges… so how perfect is it that we found this book at the library today? An extra star for being one of the few books I’ve seen that portrays a positive relationship with a younger sibling.

  3. I liked this story, about a little boy whose dream is to become a “train man”. The primary color illustrations are a nice complement, and the sentiment at the end about sharing his love of trains with his baby brother is sweet. However, the teacher in me wishes that just once the authors would have used the word “conductor” instead of “train man.” It’s a simple way to introduce vocabulary and wouldn’t have changed the context of the story. Just my personal 2 cents. There are also 2 other books i

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