4 thoughts on “Tonka Big Book Of Trucks Hardcover Book

  1. Patricia Relf, Tonka Big Book of Trucks (Cartwheel Books, 1996)

    Points off: copyright information is not contained anywhere in the book; one must go to the Amazon page to get the book’s release date.

    I thought this one, which is quite oversized and over thirty pages, was going to be too long to hold the Bean’s attention. But, at twenty-three months old, he remembered enough from night to night that we kept reading it, and it became the first multi-night book we read. Mostly because of the time inv

  2. Very informative, and easy to understand.
    Building a house, building a road, on the highway, around town, in the city, on the farm, at the seaport, at the state fair, at a fire, at the space shuttle.

  3. My son loves this book. It has taught both of us the difference between a front loader and a back hoe. We like to shout out the trucks we see as we drive around.

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