5 thoughts on “Tomorrow, The River

  1. While it was a nice story, some good historical facts and interesting tidbits of history, in the end it just wasn’t believable. A good story for non-discriminating tweens.

  2. Her daughter lives in town; the author is an hour south of us, and as a person who wants to support Local more often, of course I bought this book for my YA Lit-loving mother-in-law for Christmas and promptly borrowed it when she was done.

    The writing was good–it wasn’t gorgeous, but good–and thus, it is the story itself that rose this book up to 4/5 stars for me (generally, as a poetry reader, I’m more keen to language that stuns me, with plot a secondary consideration). Congratulations, Diann

  3. With a long list of her mother’s dos and don’ts swirling in her head, and with that ticket will get her only halfway home at the end of sdummer, fourteen-year-old Megan Barnett boards the eastbound train. Her destination, the mississippi river at Burlington, Iowa is twenty-four hours and host of unfamiliar seatmates away. The most pleasant of these characters us Horace an engineering student whose passion for newspaper as well as a sharp curve of the tracks, lands him nearly in Megans lap. To fi

  4. I picked this up because I was looking for a YA book with a strong female character. The store clerk steered me the right way. It’s a darling book, kept me up late to finish it. Megan, the hero of the story, has just the right mixture of confidence and self doubt to be lovable. Plus, I love historical novels, especially ones that take place in the Midwest — most of the action of this one happens on a riverboat traveling up the Mississippi between Missouri and Minnesota.

  5. I liked it of course because it takes places on the Mississippi River. I loved the historical fiction aspect. Due to its content I think it would make a great choice for the SSYRA for 6-8 grade. It was fun and light read, but interesting at the same time. Megan, the main character, seemed naive but she was only 14 and it was 1896 so my perspective is possibly jaded on this point. Kids who like historical fiction will enjoy this book.

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