5 thoughts on “To Tempt a Sheikh (Pride Of Zohayd, #2)

  1. Pride of Zohayd Trilogy

    To Tempt A Sheikh
    Harres & Talia’s Story
    Sheikh Harrres Aal Shalaan & Talia Burke

    This is the second book in the Pride of Zohayd Trilogy. This book takes us back in time to the time of The Arabian Nights. This story excites you and makes you want to travel back in time. Harres & Talia’s love story is not an ordinary one and the path to true love is not an easy one and the bumps along the way keeps you wondering the outcome.

    Harres and Talia meet under the strangest

  2. Prince Harres Aal Shalaan, second son of the king, is assigned to rescue a hostage by the name of T.J. Burke. He has been hunting for the man for a long time, but it is almost as if T.J. is a figment of his imagination. Hot on a trail, he goes to a hotel room and spots a small, young man with an intense gaze. He knows something isn’t right with T.J., but now is not the time to question him. Harres has to rescue T.J. because his rivals are on their backs.

    Once they are in close proximity, Harres r

  3. First-able I must say characters dialogues make me smile every time. I think I kind of falling love with the hero <3 And every time I do that - falling love with the hero - I complain about the reality of this. Why this guys not found in earth? Or why I didn't find them? Why.. Anyway it's a enjoyable reading progress Miss or Mrs. Gates doing very good job with this book. If you love sheikh stories I think you'll love this too!

  4. The second book in the Pride of Zohayd series is packed with emotion, passion and conspiracies. Olivia Gates once again takes her readers on an adventurous journey where romance is unexpected and dreams seem impossible. TO TEMPT A SHEIKH is fantasy worthy in countless ways.

    As the head of security for Zohayd, there have been numerous missions where risks must be faced by Prince Harres Aal Shalaan. When an enemy of his ruling family takes a hostage in hopes of helping their goal in overthrowing hi

  5. A true desert romance with a hero to die for and a fiesty heroine. What more could you want in a romance novel. Harres, our hero, is honourable, brave and totally gorgeous – he has now become my favourite Olivia Gates’s hero – I was lost as soon as he was described as having long dark hair! I adore men with long hair. T.J or Talia, our heroine, is a doctor who believes that Harres and his family are to blame for her brother being in prison and so hates him the minute she finds out his identity.

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