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  1. Android cats and comic book shops, oh yea! These are a few of my favorite things… and they’re just a few of the cool elements in Tin Cat.

    This story actually surprised me. I guess when I saw the story’s geektastic backdrop I was expecting more camp, but this is actually a really touching romance. The themes in the story are familiar and fresh at the same time. The suspense and romance elements are nicely woven together and balanced in the story. Really, all the elements from the comic book shop t

  2. Misa pens “Tin Cat”, paranormal romance novella, in a unique and different plot. Her characters are strong and believable while the romance heats up the pages. I couldn’t put the book down until I was finished…I loved it. Highly recommended for all paranormal romance readers with a touch of erotic thrown in.

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    Tin Cat by Misa Buckley is a fun paranormal romance novella. I blazed through it and enjoyed every minute. The heroine, Amber, is snarky and brave. I loved that she was an unabashed geek with her own comic book shop to boot!

    The fact that she is in a wheel chair is a recent adjustment for her. She has learned to be independent and cope but she doesn’t think guys still see her… just the chair. Her boyfriend before th

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    The author had me at “android cat”. Not “android’s cat” although Star Trek TNG did that one very, very well, but “android cat”. Being a cat, it’s no more, or less, obedient than the purely flesh and blood kind. But that’s not the end of the story.

    Amber Gerald’s adoption of “Cat” brings a whole new level of weird into her life. And considering that Amber owns a comic book store, weird is pretty much her stock-in-trade.

    Her adoption of the stray cat brings a

  5. 3.5 stars. A pleasant story with an extremely likable heroine, Tin Cat is primarily let down by its novella length. Too much of the initial world-building felt like telling rather than showing (particularly with regard to the comic book store and Amber’s place within the community she’d built). Amber’s believability and strength, however, managed to shine through. Definitely worth picking up for those seeking a SFR novella with compelling leads and snappy dialogue.

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