5 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Catherine the Great!

  1. This is a wonderful story about an immigrant family and their blending into America, their close relationships with their neighbors and the love that comes from a close extended family.

    I love that the building in which Catherine lives is a virtual melting pot and an interesting mix of the cultures who settled in her area. I also love the idea of a No Present birthday, where Grandma Catherine is given presents of a person’s love and their time, not mere items in a wrapped package. And I love the

  2. Three Cheers for Catherine the Great! tells the lovely story of a Russian immigrant and her granddaughter.

    It is Catherine’s 78th birthday (she is as old, she says, as the numbers on the clock all added together) and she will be having a birthday party with no presents. But what, exactly, is a “no present”? As each neighbor and friend comes up with a unique non-material gift for Catherine, Sara puzzles over what to give until she comes up with the perfect idea. This is a lovely story.

    The illustra

  3. Cute children’s book that teaches about how to give gifts that don’t cost money but make use of your natural talents. Catherine the Great is Sara’s Russian grandmother who wants NO PRESENTS for her birthday, so her friends and family get her things such as a fancy hairdo, a dance, a Russian love song, and a photograph of her when she came to America. Sara promises to give her lessons in learning English and in return Catherine will give her lessons in Russian. There is a recipe for Borscht on th

  4. Personal narrative about a Russian grandmother, affectionately dubbed “Catherine the Great”, and her granddaughter, who gifts her English lessons for her birthday. The winning elements in this picture book are the details about their neighbors and Grandma’s traditions, and the folksy illustrations.

  5. We enjoyed reading this book before we shared it with our 2-year-old. On a lark, looking for something new, we pulled it from the shelf. There is lots of text, so we weren’t sure what would happen, but it was an instant hit.

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