5 thoughts on “The Writer’s Digest Writing Clinic

  1. This book gives examples of various people’s writing and how it could be improved to add more tension, have a better end or climax, how to maintain your POV, and so on. It covers fiction and non-fiction writing as well as how to write queries, synopses, and non-fiction proposals.

    Again, most of this information wasn’t new and I didn’t read the non-fiction parts, but I still did learn some important things. You see, I’ve been reading books on how to write better because I’ve been trying to find th

  2. I decided to shelve this book for the time being. It is geared toward revision and critiquing your work, and I’m still in the writing phase. I will check it out again when I have more solid work completed.

  3. While this book covers everything from your opening hook to polishing up query letters, the coverage is shallow. I’d suggest this book as reference material to beginning writers, but it’s not a fluid read.

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