5 thoughts on “The Wrigley Riddle (Ballpark Mysteries, #6)

  1. Mike and Kate are at Wrigley Field in Chicago when Mrs. Hopkins, Kate’s mom does some research for an interview. They learn about a mysterious treasure that is supposedly hidden in the ivied walls of the famous old ballpark. Kate and Mike decide to try to solve the mystery and they think they’ve caught the thief red-handed. But, as with any kid mystery, things are not always what they appear to be at first. Rethinking the clues, they find that the culprit was right in front of them all the time.

  2. The Wrigley Riddle
    Genre: Juvenile Fiction
    Format: Book
    Plot summary: During a visit to the Chicago Cubs’ Wrigley field, cousins Mike and Kate investigate why someone has been tampering with the famous ivy vines growing on the outfield walls.
    Considerations or precautions for readers advisory (strong language, sex, death, religious overtones, violence, etc.): No special considerations
    Review citation (if available): NoveList,
    Section source used to find the material
    Recommended age: 2nd-3rd grade

  3. I liked it and someone’s cutting down the ivy in the Cub’s ballpark and there’s also a riddle. Why people are cutting it down is because of a riddle that Kate solves.

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