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  1. From BBC Radio 4 – Book of the Week:
    Sinead Cusack reads from Frances Stonor Saunders’ account of the troubled life of Violet Gibson, the daughter of an Anglo-Irish lord who attempted to assassinate Mussolini in Rome in 1926.

  2. Very occasionally, I come across a book that is so interesting that I read it in one sitting and this is one of these. The subject matter is a virtually forgotten incident which occurred in 1926 and its protagonists are Violet Gibson, an aristocratic British spinster and Benito Mussolini, the fascist leader of Italy. If events that morning had gone just a little differently, the whole course of twentieth century history might have been very different.

    On that long ago Wednesday Violet Gibson had

  3. UUG I had a review written and then Goodreads went down and didn’t post it. What a pain.

    Anyway. When people ask me what I read I usually say something like, “I’ll read anything.” I have no grudges with any particular genre, and I’ve read bits and pieces of just about everything. But the truth is that I don’t read outside of YA/Children’s lit very often. So when I read something like this I’m given pause while I’m like… can’t tell if badly written… or just unfamiliar genre style…
    There were

  4. pretty good book about the british woman who in 1926 tried to assassinate mussolini. unfortunately for everyone(except mussolini)she missed only grazing his nose and the gun jammed when she tried to fire again. i must admit i wasn’t even aware that this event had happended.

    for a history book, it’s very well written and very easy to read. trying to make a book of over 300 pages on this topic means the author has had to pad the book with details of other family members, other non-related events in

  5. For all the men who have statues erected in their name, yet have failed to achieve the missions they set out on, it is doubly remarkable that a woman such as Violet Gibson has faded from public consciousness. That she is remembered at all must come down to her family’s class, or the likelihood of records remaining would be greatly diminished. But it is also because of this family background that Violet’s story is so problematical.
    Stonor Saunders uses the sources of others of the same generation

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