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  1. I adore wolves. Ever since I read Never Cry Wolf in the summer of 1976, a book I still own, a book given to me by a friend when I was in a rough patch, I have been enthralled by this species, and I’ve adored domestic dogs my entire life.

    So, I despise fairy tales where wolves are the villains (even though I know the very real circumstances from which that theme emerged) and I’m delighted to read books the positive sides of wolves. I think it’s appalling the massive hunting that was done that bro

  2. The illustrations in this book are incredible. It’s like looking at a beautiful painting on each page. Wonderful story about wolves and what happened to the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park when the wolves were all gone due to hunters. Explains how the wilderness became unbalanced. When wolves were once again reintroduced to Yellowstone, they flourished and grew and so did the grass, and the flowers and the animals around them. Many beautiful wild animals are featured including birds, bea

  3. This lovely picture storyybook version of the true story of the return of the wolves to Yellowstone Park is told from the perspective of a wolf pup. Each page tells a part of the story on a two-page painting of the natural landscape of Yellowstone. Each page also ends with a refrain: either “The wolves were gone.” or “The wolves were back.” This book could be enjoyed by all ages, but would be especially helpful in demonstrating to a younger child the value of interdependence among animals for na

  4. This is a beautifully illustrated book and does a great job of showing that all of nature is part of the balance, not just the “pretty” animals. My daughter loves wolves and enjoyed this book as well.

  5. Jean Craighead George and Wendell Minor have captured the remarkable story of wolves being reintroduced to Yellowstone. Wolves were almost hunted into extinction by the early 1900s, but in 1995 a small number of wolves were brought from Canada to Yellowstone.

    As the wolf packs grow, the entire ecosystem starts to returns to its natural balance. In one example, the young wolf pup can now hear birds singing in the meadows because the wolfs are back. George explains the relationships quite simply. T

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