5 thoughts on “The Witness at the Wedding (Fethering, #6)

  1. The Witness at the Wedding by Simon Brett.

    Carole’s son Stephen and his fiance Gaby are in the process of planning their wedding. The date is set for this September with none of the arrangements in order as of yet. Carole is looking forward to an afternoon lunch to meet with Gaby’s parents but not exactly looking forward to that lunch to also include her ex David. She had been forewarned that the Martins were a little off the beaten path as far as being sociable people but that was not enough to

  2. Unfortunately, I’m not too keen on the inner machinations of characters. I’d rather been shown, than told that she inwardly winced at this and then that. The story itself was fine and a fun read. I found it interesting that the sidekick is written as practically perfect; gentle, understanding, easy to talk to, etc.. While the main protagonist is not just flawed- but almost unlikable- and I mean almost. She is very set in her ways, and that may be why I retract from her. Though I do agree with he

  3. Was an okay sort of cozy mystery – my first one by this author. I listened to the audio while at my routine household work and walking trips. Gaby and Steve are planning to marry, and Steve’s mother Caroline, a type A personality, is worried about wedding arrangements and a possible reconciliation with her wimpy ex-husband David, which she doesn;t want and her only son Steve urges her to. Then she comes to know that Gaby’s family is surrounded with murder and mysteries, which turn sinister withi

  4. A controlled build up to the plot has the tension steadily mounting in Fethering and its environs and also for the reader. Initially no sign of anything seriously amiss, just plenty of reflecting on a major crime of the past, and then – a new murder!

    As is often the case in these provincial murders, there are amateur sleuths on hand to help the police, who sometimes cannot see the wood for the trees. Carole Seddon and her pals provide the back-up in this story, which reaches an exciting climax t

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