4 thoughts on “The Unthinkable Revolution in Iran

  1. It was very difficult to read a book about the Iranian Revolution without being clouded by existing preconceived ideas such as “Iran is an extremist fundamentalist Islamic state” or the trending “the Egyptian revolution is becoming an exact copy of the Iranian revolution.”

    So, with considerable effort and adopting a more social than political perspective this is some of what I’ve learned :

    1. There’s an internal guidance system that exists in all human beings that radars injustice and refuses it.

  2. One of the best books on the Iranian Revolution from a social movement perspective. Stresses the importance of the popular perception of the viability of the Khomeinists in explaining the causes, dynamics and outcomes of the revolution. The argument would benefit from an exploration of the role of agency and leadership in the revolution, an element that is often missing in social movement theories and analyses.

  3. Kurzman’s organization of this book is very useful in learning about the dynamics of social movements. Each chapter is dedicated to discuss the merits and failures of specific explanations as to why the revolution occurred culture, economics, military, mobilization of the Mosque network and his own thesis – the anti-explanation. Great book to learn about the slippery mechanics of social movements.

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