5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Medical Specialty

  1. “ما التخصص الذي ترغب فيه؟”

    سؤال جميع طلبة طب …
    البعض إجابته جاهزة قبل ما يدخل الكلية ،
    وكتير اجاباتهم ( والله ما اعرف ) ..
    سؤال بيشغل فكر الكل ولو بدرجات متفاوتة ،

    وقع تحت ايدي الكتاب الممتاز ده :
    The ultimate guide to choosing a medical specialty
    أو الدليل النهائي لاختيار التخصص الطبي لمؤلفه الدكتور برايان ..
    كان وقتها طبيب تخدير مقيم بمستشفيات شيكاغو بولاية إلينوي في أمريكا
    وحب يشاركنا خبرته في الإجابة عن السؤال اللي شغل بالنا، و شغل باله أيضا زي ما قال في مقدمة كتابه : “منذ ثلاث سنوات كنت طالبا حائر

  2. الكتاب رائع و مفيد و ساعدني شخصيا ولله الحمد و بالرغم انه لا يشتمل على جميع التخصصات_ و ﻻ التخصص الدي ارغب به_ الا انه يعطي فكره عن الاشياء التي يجب ان تأخذ بعين الاعتبار عند اختيار التخصص

  3. Part 1 was the most useful; however, it was less comprehensive than I thought, and I personally believe that it could be better presented in a more interactive way (e.g. check list tables and such that could be filled by the reader).

    Part 2 has some very useful data regarding each specialty, but I found it a bit repetitive. It would be better if comparison diagrams or tables were made to highlight the differences between the surgical subspecialties. And also similarly for medical and subclinical

  4. Unfortunately, it’s written only for Us students , focusing too much on life style , sallary and so on of any speciality rather than explaining what a speciality about , what is the doctor role and how both could match ..

    Maybe the only useful info is the part talking about choosing a speciality based on one’s personality type ..

  5. Great book. The first part was intriguing, and those reviews of each specialty are excellent. The only shame is that it thouroughly focuses on USA medicine programs and residencies. Still, is an interesting choice for anyone in the field of medicine.

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