0 thoughts on “The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters

  1. I’ve just finished weeping my way through the last few pages of this wonderful book. It’s a beautiful tale of sisters, of course, but much more so of relationships and relating.

    This novel counterbalances the falseness and fecklessness of Hollywood with the intensely weighted reality of dealing with cancer in small town middle America. Even more, it blended them into the tapestry of one life, revealing that the frivolity of the one and the despair of the other are intrinsic in every life. Through

  2. I was soooo ready for the book to end by the end that I just skimmed through the ending. I think what bothered me was how one sided the book was because you had to get the story through letters of one person (which is different, to me, than reading a book that’s in first person. And there were no adventures…the title and cover gave me a different impression of what the book is about.

  3. This was about a 3-star-er before I hit the midway point, then everything started clicking, and it became one of those books that doesn’t leave your side…since it’s in letter format, it’s easy to grab a page or two here and there.

    This book is so thought-provoking–a story of two sisters, both of them whose lives are falling apart, but in completely different ways. One loses her health, but has loving family intact. The other loses her love and her career, while health is intact. Both resent t

  4. The Hunt sisters couldn’t be more different. Olivia is a Hollywood producer, used to first-class amenities and fleeing from any relationship commitment. Maddie lives the life Olivia ran from – still living near their parents in the small town where they grew up, she is happily married to her high school sweetheart. Olivia rages against the obstacles in her path. Maddie approaches life with idealism and optimism. As the novel opens, Olivia has had one disappointment too many and she is crafting h

  5. I didn’t finish this book (which hardly ever happens). The letters of a woman whose sister is battling cancer and is trying to get a Don Quixote film done (she is a director, I think). It was boring to me and I lost interest. It’s very simple writing, as if a woman really did just write a letter and I didn’t like her outlook on life.

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